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One Exercise to Improve False Wide Hips, Lengthen Legs, and Achieve Better Body Proportions – See Results in 3 Weeks – LifeStyle Fusion
LifeStyle Fusion Fitness programs One Exercise to Improve False Wide Hips, Lengthen Legs, and Achieve Better Body Proportions – See Results in 3 Weeks

One Exercise to Improve False Wide Hips, Lengthen Legs, and Achieve Better Body Proportions – See Results in 3 Weeks

Many Asian women have pear-shaped bodies, with the widest part often being the area around the hips and thighs. The width of the thighs on both sides can make the legs appear bulky, and a lower hip line can result in an imbalance in body proportions, known as “false wide hips.

The main cause of false wide hips is hip joint internal rotation, which is related to walking habits. Walking with the muscles in the front of the thighs can lead to a posture similar to having “knock knees,” resulting in developed muscles on the outer thighs and eventually leading to false wide hips. Additionally, habits like tiptoeing, lack of exercise, and prolonged sitting in the office can lead to sagging buttocks and lower hip position, exacerbating the issue of false wide hips.

Today, we’re sharing an exercise that can be done at home, and with consistent practice over three weeks, it can improve false wide hips.

1 set of “Y Squats” Exercise:

Facing a wall, place your hands on it for support. Lift one leg up, then slide it down while bending the knee, crossing over the other leg. Alternate between left and right, with 20 repetitions on each side, for a total of 5 sets. Do this routine 3 times a week, and you’ll see results in 3 weeks!

6 sets of pre-bedtime exercises to slim your legs, lift your hips, and slim your belly, lazy fitness at home can be easy to become thin and beautiful!

Girls are really busy! Especially before going to bed, not only to do a good job of maintenance, but also to take the opportunity to practice the body! Share 6 groups of simple bedtime exercise, free to practice, so you can easily become more slim and beautiful!

6 sets of pre-bedtime slimming action:

Action 1: side lying leg lift

Stretch the waist and inner thigh muscles, lying on the side on the mat, the whole body straight, lift one leg and pull it to 90 degrees, and then put it down, 25 times each on the left and right, a total of 2 groups.

Action 2: rear side leg lift

Lift the buttocks, the body lies flat on the bed or yoga mat, elbows support the upper body, legs against the bed, the left leg lifted and then put down to swing, alternating between left and right, each leg repeated 25 times.

Action 3: supine belly rolls

Slim belly, lie flat, exhale, roll up the belly, 15 times per group, a total of 6 groups.

Action 4: leg stretching

Slim legs, lie flat, hands on both sides of the body, feet raised to 90 degrees, try to close the knees, toes up, keep 1 minute, relax and then do a group.

Action 5: abdominal fat burning

Arms straight to support the upper body, legs straight, toes hard, head back, keep 20 seconds, do two groups.

Action 6: Muscle Stretching

The back of the shoulders and the back of the legs are stretched, stand facing the wall, support the wall with both hands, support the upper body and legs vertically, the body is slowly pressed downward, insist on 3 minutes.

In addition to exercise, diet is also important. Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits can make the slimming effect better

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