LifeStyle Fusion Fitness programs Summer to edema secret: diet + exercise + massage, 15 minutes a night, easy to improve edema

Summer to edema secret: diet + exercise + massage, 15 minutes a night, easy to improve edema


Preparing to enter the summer, many girls are grasping the time to start losing weight, but very often we are not actually growing meat, but just edema, especially in summer is more induced by edema of the high-risk season! Because of poor metabolism and blood circulation caused by edema, and go to the edema than to lose weight is much easier, the following teach you 4 easy to go to the edema, from now on you have a melon face and thin body!


Weight loss should start from the “mouth”, control what you eat, but also to abstain from eating, and go to the same edema to start from the eating habits, the following kinds of food are a good helper to reduce edema. The most commonly heard is the red bean, can help the body to discharge excess water, but also to discharge toxic substances and excess salt, to promote the body’s metabolism, but also have the role of the blood and blood.

Job’s tears have the effect of eliminating dampness, raw and cooked Job’s tears can help to remove dampness, edema, and at the same time can clear heat and pus, spleen and stop diarrhea, drink more Job’s tears water on the female body good to

Bananas can also effectively combat edema, bananas in the magnesium and vitamin B can strengthen the body’s metabolism, in addition to face bananas and rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, which helps to clear the body of waste and elimination of body wastes, edema at the same time in the detoxification.

Winter melon as help drain away excess body water, can go to the edema, but also can reduce cholesterol, but pay attention because winter melon is relatively cold, do not eat too much, or can be added when cooking ginger with cooking.

Exercise – Lifting Legs

There is a super-simple leg lifting action, every day just “before bedtime leg lifting” for 15 minutes, so that the lower body blood flow backward circulation, after the completion of the leg will have a little paralyzed feeling on the right! It can improve the edema below the waist most obviously.


If the blockage of the meridians in the body will aggravate the problem of edema, whether it is facial edema or foot edema can be improved through massage. The first is to go to the head and face edema problems, can be in the tip of the ear and the tip of the nose on the head of the intersection of the Angle position, gently go to the pressure, and the other can be in the chin and then the position of the neck from the bottom up to slowly press!

And legs to go to the edema hands from the ankles, to the direction of the knee from the bottom up gently rubbing pressure, and then both hands and then placed on the calf position, both hands to the opposite direction of the pressure and pushed to the sides, to improve the lymphatic and blood circulation and effective to go to the calf of edema.

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