LifeStyle Fusion Fitness programs Effective Jump Rope Exercise for Weight Loss: Burn Fat Fast with HIIT Workout

Effective Jump Rope Exercise for Weight Loss: Burn Fat Fast with HIIT Workout

Jump rope weight loss exercise jump 10 minutes = jogging 1 hour indoor super effective fast whole body fat burning recommended

Various types of diet exercise, rope skipping is HIIT high-intensity interval training, exercise time is short but can be fast whole body fat burning, so by the female favorite. A foreign study pointed out that as long as the rope skipping 10 minutes, the calorie consumption is equivalent to jogging for an hour, have a plan to lose weight, you are definitely worth a try, as long as with the secret skills, can continue to burn calories for up to 6 hours or more, open the timer app to a 10-minute rope skipping weight-loss exercise challenge!

Jumping rope to lose weight exercise must learn to burn fat 6 hours jumping method

Jump rope 10 minutes = jogging 1 hour

Jumping rope weight loss exercise is a widely popular way to slim down and is also a great weight loss exercise. Practice shows that jumping rope 10 minutes, calorie consumption is equal to jogging for 1 hour! Rope skipping is effective for weight loss, especially for reducing excess fat in the legs and hips, and increasing muscle mass faster, so that you can easily become a lean body!

Rope skipping is a “low time-consuming and high energy consumption” (short time can achieve the maximum calorie consumption) exercise, because in the process of jumping, the whole body muscles will be tense, and with the swing of the hands, so that the whole body to movement.

Precautions for jumping rope

In order to prevent injuries to muscles and joints, please do a good warm-up exercise and wear shock-absorbing and cushioning sports shoes to reduce the burden on the joints. The maximum time for jumping rope should not exceed 2 hours, because over-training for more than 2 hours will cause extreme fatigue of the body.

1. Stand with your feet, step on the center line of the rope on the front of the soles of your feet, hold the handles with both hands, put your arms down naturally, and keep the rope straight. 2.

2. Use wrist strength to throw the rope from back to front, over your head, jump up with both feet and let the rope pass through the soles of your feet, no need to be too high, about 5 centimeters can be jumped up.

3. When landing, keep the knees slightly bent, with the front of the soles of the feet on the ground, to reduce the impact with the ground, to avoid knee injuries.

This jump can continue to burn fat for 6 hours

Continuously jump rope for 3 to 5 minutes, then simply stretch for 30 seconds, then jump for 3 or 5 minutes, then rest and stretch for 30 seconds, so the cycle several times, you can continue to burn calories for up to 6 hours or more!

Or you can try jumping rope in the afternoon from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, because this time the human body is less likely to hoard carbohydrates, fat burning effect is more times!

Air jumping rope can also be thin!

Hong Kong is a small place, is it not easy to find a place to jump rope at home? The Japanese, who think about it the most, say that air jumping rope can be done! The “dress up” exercise method of jumping rope can avoid the problem of lack of space, and do not have to worry about tripping over the rope!

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